The Rolls Royce Experience

Brandcare Installation and Maintenance was proud to partner with Birchall & Partners Architects and Sunshine Automotive for the installation of their new corporate signage.

Albert Smith’s scope of works was to handle the transportation logistics including; customs clearance, delivery to Sunshine Automotive and installation of internal and external product.

The centre piece of the internal installation was a timber and glass display cabinet that arrived in 14 crates and was required to be assembled on site.

The cabinet displayed the range of leather colour choices and selection of vehicle colours. It also included an integrated TV, electronic drawers and housed all of the internal electronics. The cabinet assembly required precision installation of the many components, varied angles and ensuring the alignment and matching of the timber grain. 

The corporate signage installation included building sign identification over the main entry, with the Rolls Royce branding on silver acrylic giving an aluminium look and LED illuminated, against the black wall. The LED illuminated signage on the feature wall was a multi layered installation with the acrylic letters overlayed with a glass front featuring a black outline to give a 3D effect on the building signs.

The partnership between Birchall & Partners (Architects) Sunshine Automotive (Dealership) and Brandcare (Sign Installation and Maintenance) has delivered a Rolls Royce high standard of identity.

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