ASTech product range includes a wide variety of commercial LED lighting products. Simply click on a product below to view the product information online.

Canopy light square series

Flood and canopy lighting

High-bay Low-bay series

Edge Light LED Module 1.2 Watt - 5 year warranty

Edge Light LED Module 2.7 Watt - 5 year warranty

LED Module 0.3 watt - 3 year warranty

Flexible LED Strip

Par Light

Street Lighting 2

Tropher Fixtures 1

Tropher Fixtures 2

Wafer Lights

Wall Washer

M102TA LED Module

M903TB LED Module

M904TB LED Module

M921DB LED Module

M931DB LED Module

M931TB & M931TB-1 LED Module

MG11DB LED Module

MG21DB LED Module

R0BK2TD-B LED Flex Strip

RS00C0QC High Bright High CRI LED Flex Strip