Q: How hard is it to replace my existing fluorescent tubes with LED lighting?
It is as easy as taking 1 tube out and replacing it with another. Instant energy savings will result.
Q: How much cheaper is it to have LED lighting compared to my fluorescent lighting?
You would see between 35% and 50% energy usage savings immediately.
Q: All the LED lights I have seen have been a ‘bluish’ colour. Is this all there is?
Like conventional lighting, LEDs are available in a range of colours including ‘warmer’ colours for internal lighting applications.
Q: What size do LED message boards come in?
We can create any size LED message board you like. From a small message board integrated into your other signs to way up to the size at the MCG! Also available in single colour or full colour screens, controlled from wherever you would like to – from across the street to across the world!
Q: What does “LED” mean?

LED is the acronym for “Light Emitting Diode”. Based on solid-state light emitting principal, LEDs are brighter and use less energy than standard light bulbs. Expected life is much longer, more than 100,000 hours.

Q: Why would I want to use low voltage LED lighting? Isn’t it expensive?

LED lights have been widely accepted as smart money saving substitutes for conventional lights such as Fluorescent, Halogen, Mercury Vapour, Metal Halide, Fibre Optic and etc. Massive demand and new technology advancements have brought long life LED lights well within financial reach of conventional lights. The savings are enormous, even more so when increasing power costs are taken into account. LED lights consume 40% to 60% less than conventional choices.

Q: What kinds of LED lights are available?

Nowadays, LED lights have a wider spectrum than conventional lights. Not only meant for retrofit purposes, LED lights are wise choices for new installation jobs. Regardless of design intent or application, there are LED lights which match your needs and targets.

Q: Are LEDs replacing neon in the marketplace?

Neon will never disappear entirely as it has a unique look that is hard to replicate. That’s why it will remain as a speciality art form. However, as PCB technology and production technique evolves, LED built-in flexible neon has gradually displaced glass tube neon. LED flexible neon has advantages of power cost saving, little maintenance needed, easy to work with, long operational life, environmental friendly disposal and yet economically affordable. 360o full-colour RGB LED flexible neon with 3-year warranty is now available.

Q: How is a RGB LED strip different from a full-colour RGB LED strip?

Colourful light comes by mixing 3 basic colour light sources - Red, Green & Blue. A RGB LED strip can show one colour at one time, whilst a full-colour RGB LED strip can display many. Reason being that a full-colour RGB LED strip has got LED lights packaged with addressable and programmable IC which decodes digital signals from DMX controller. Some full-colour RGB LED strips are built with individual LED light paired with an IC, whilst some with a cluster of LED lights paired with an IC. Each IC can be literally treated as one light pixel for light scene programming purpose. The same argument applies to LED modules, wall washer lights, LED signs and etc.

Q: What is DMX512 lighting control?

DMX512 (Digital MultipleX) is a standard for digital communication networks commonly used to control stage lighting and special effects. DMX512 was initially intended as a standardized method for controlling light dimmers. It soon became the primary protocol for linking light controller to dimmers and special effects devices such as fog machines and intelligent lights. DMX can now be used to control almost anything, reflecting its popularity in theatres and venues.

Q: What is ArtNET?

ArtNET uses the network to transmit and receive data. No special DMX cable and converter are needed. As such, it is the perfect way to send and receive many DMX universes or to connect multiple lighting consoles together, thus expanding the scale of a DMX based lighting system. With ArtNET, you can control lights and devices via LAN, WIFI or Internet, making intelligent lighting systems even more intelligent. ArtNET is already an industry standard and more and more lighting equipment will support it in the future.

Q: What is a DALI lighting system?

DALI is the abbreviation of Digital Addressable Lighting Interface. DALI is an International Standard lighting control system, offering a single interface for all electronic control gears (light sources) and electronic control devices (lighting controllers). The DALI Standard enables dimmable ballasts, transformers, relay modules, emergency fittings and controllers from different manufacturers to be mixed and matched into a single control system. A DALI system provides end-users with powerful and flexible digital lighting system capability, with compatibility of supply from many sources.

Q: What is an LED sign?

An LED sign is made of population of individual LEDs packed together in a matrix pattern. Each light dot is called a pixel. A pixel on monochrome LED displays consists of a single colour LED lamp versus a pixel on full-colour LED displays consists of three – RED, GREEN, BLUE. An LED sign works like a BIG TV indoor or outdoor.

Q: How is an LED sign going to help my business?

An LED sign reels in new customers. It sets your organisation apart from competitors. It boosts your business. Talk to someone who have installed an LED sign for business. You will be impressed by their happy experience and rewards.

Q: What size do LED signs come in?

We can create LED sign in any size you like. From a small message board integrated into your other signs to way up to the full height wall on a CBD commercial building. Installation space is the only limit.

Q: What type of LED sign is the best for our business?

That is a good question. The cues lie with the Who, Where, What, When, Why and How of your particular needs. The three basic questions that you need to think about include; How far away will your sign be viewed? What kind of message (text, graphic or video) will your sign display? Who are your target audience?

Q: Do I need a monochrome LED sign or a flashy full-colour alternative?

Though monochrome LED signs are still available in the market, they are being quickly displaced by full-colour ones. Nowadays, colourful LED signs are economically affordable and are more eye-catching to targeted customers. LED signs are workhorse of your business.

Q: How long is an LED sign going to last?

Top-notch LED signs are designed, tested and built to last for 5 years or above. New LED signs are generally warranted for 2 to 3 years (parts and onsite labour). More importantly, the hallmark of a quality reliable LED sign is a company like ASG that’s willing to stand by its product.

Q: How much would a good LED sign cost me?

Probably a lot less than you think. A good LED sign sells from a few thousands onwards, but what is more important is the return of the dollar you invest a good LED sign. Spending a few grand on an LED sign is definitely more effective than on, say, handbills or DMs.

LED signs are advertising, plain and simple. LED displays offer the highest ROI marketing form than, say, from newspapers, radio ads or Google. They work 24/7. You can change the advertising message on LED signs anywhere and anytime with no extra cost.