The Right Light for Day & Night

Electronic signage provides a dynamic messaging solution that allows you to interact with customers and prospects in real-time. Digital signage is controlled electronically, allowing you to change your content to deliver the most targeted messages that inform, educate and motivate your potential customer.

The potential variations are infinite, as are the various ways to project your message. Electronic LED signage is highly visible day or night and can be integrated into many types of signage products – including high level, pylon and directional signs.

Bringing Innovation to Light

We are innovators in new and emerging technologies for commercial LED lighting and Digital signage – including LED Tickers, LED Signs and LED Variable Message Boards (VMB). We are market leaders in custom hardware and software development for digital signage.

Our innovative products include:
  • ASTech LED tubes to replace fluorescents
  • ASTech Hi-Light LED luminaries to replace canopy and High Bay lighting
  • ASTech long life LED modules and strips for branding and sign illumination
  • ASTech wafer light systems to make ultra-thin light boxes and ultra-thin room lighting
ASTech LED message boards and full colour LED Signs are world class and can be coupled with the simplest operating system or included as part of a sophisticated network.

Whatever you need, ASTech has the right illumination solution for you.